Madras (St. Patrick’s) Cemetery, Chennai

This cemetery originally contained 16 Second World War burials but after the war, all but one of them were moved to Madras War Cemetery as it was not possible to ensure their maintenance in perpetuity in this civil site.

Five First World War burials were not moved, but the casualties are now commemorated by name on the Madras Memorial, in Madras War Cemetery.

The remaining Second World War grave is marked by a private memorial.

BORTHWICK, HAROLD MALCOLM Corporal 7535789 24/12/1944 37 Royal Army Medical Corps United Kingdom Private Mem.
BYRNE, J C Lieutenant 11/10/1918 Indian Army Reserve of Officers Indian
HEFFERNAN, EDWARD Private 11128 07/10/1914 20 Royal Dublin Fusiliers United Kingdom
McDONOUGH, JOHN Serjeant 2677 10/12/1918 44 South Lancashire Regiment United Kingdom
ROCHE, KELLY J. Second Lieutenant 21/11/1918 Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway Rifles Indian

Also the grave of Gladys E Borthwick (died 16 January) alongside that of her husband.